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Plumber E14 can install service and maintain underfloor heating. In recent years, this has become an ever more common way to heat rooms and a great number of are considering the advantages of this type of heating.


Our team is, of course, equipped to meet your requirements, should you be considering having it installed. Or perhaps you need yours servicing or fixing? In any event, rest assured that our expert gas engineers are able to meet the demands of underfloor heating installation – and more.


What exactly is Underfloor Heating?


Underfloor heating is basically the method of heating a room from underneath a floor surface. It works similarly to central heating, with the difference that all of the heat rises from the floor upwards, instead of through wall mounted radiators.


Precisely how Does It Work?


It functions by way of convection – a technique for heating that's been around since the time of the ancient Romans. Their hypocaust system was used for exactly the same objective, to heat individual rooms from below. The term hypocaust means to ‘heat from below’.


Fortunately contemporary living provides for us a much easier approach to making use of underfloor heating and Plumber E14 are industry leaders when it comes to installing as well as maintaining it.


A boiler is the main supply of heat – the heat being conducted via a number of underfloor pipes. When the water in the pipes gets warm, the heat rises up through the floor, creating an even room temperature.


Where exactly Could it be Installed?


In any kind of room. It is usually set up in bathrooms, often to warm a tiled floor as much as warm the room. It’s often installed in extensions or whenever a property is remodeled. It can also be combined with traditional central heating.


In the event that, for example, your home is already centrally heated and you’re having a conservatory constructed, underfloor heating can be coupled with a preexisting heating system, thus offering you an alternative form of heating for your conservatory.


What Will be the Benefits?


There are several advantages to underfloor heating:


• Underfloor heating costs much less to heat a room.. It can save you over 40% on your heating expenses, compared to traditional heating solutions


•It’s a lot quieter than central heating. No radiators in the room results in not as much noise all round


• Individual heat control is a very common feature with underfloor heating. This allows you to control the heat independently, from area to area


• It’s much more comfortable. The heat goes up up via the floor, as opposed to out and away from the wall – which is how radiators function. Heat rises – therefore underfloor heating provides heat from the floor up


• It results in a lot more space. A radiator on a wall decreases that walls usefulness. And visually, it is a lot more pleasing. No radiators in sight mean no shuffling the furniture around so as to accommodate them


On the whole, underfloor heating is really a safe cost effective and efficient approach to heating your house.


For further underfloor heating information, you can contact Plumber E14, in order to further talk about your heating requirements.