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At Plumber E14, we offer an entire selection of drainage services, which is just as much part of our skills base as our capability to offer additional plumbing and gas heating packages. To be a gas plumber means many things and our group of very qualified engineers are as capable of tackling a blocked drainage system as they are at installing central heating systems.


Drainage pipes may cause several difficulties, particularly in hard water areas. Scale may and does develop, foreign objects can get trapped. Some people pour liquid fats and grease into their kitchen sink and combined with various other forms of naturally occurring debris, drains gradually become blocked.


Equally, waste pipes can also get backed up. A very unpleasant problem at best but a thing we are able to manage with little or no convenience to yourselves. Regrettably, blocked drains tend to be outside of the abilities of a dedicated DIY specialist and you will find that calling one of our professional engineers in is the fastest and most cost effective way to combat your drainage problems.


Be assured that any time you’ve got trouble with something related to drainage, we’re fast, responsive as well as fully equipped to deal with whatever we come across.


Our Drainage Solutions


Drain Repairs: our plumbers in E14 are able to fix storm drains, foul drains, surface drains as well as guttering. Note: re guttering; our plumbers are all able to ‘work at height’ and we all stick to Health and Safety rules.


Drain Relining: we can reline PVC, clay, cast iron as well as plastic pipes. Relining pipes often is the second best thing to replacing the whole system, so this is worth looking at if you know or believe that you may have some damaged pipework.


Drain Jetting: We use high pressure water jets that will flush out as well as clean drainage pipes. Not the most agreeable task for anyone to tackle but something that we are able to deal with, competently and effectively.


Drainpipe Installation: Sooner or later, any drainage pipe will need replacing. Our crew of E14 plumbers can easily meet all of your requirements when it comes to the elimination and subsequent relaying of the brand new set of drainage pipes.


Drainage Upkeep: We provide a service that helps to keep your drains free from potential blockage problems. By looking after your drains, you are much more likely to stop a build up of debris and the potential of incurring costly repairs.


Drainage CCTV Reports: By utilizing CCTV cameras, we can check the interior of the drains, as a way of diagnosing problems. Drainage reports may seem costly but they’re a cheaper choice in comparison with needing to excavate pipework that's inaccessible from the surface.


And we know that when it comes to plumbing in E14, lots of drainage pipes are fairly hard to reach at best, because of how long ago they were initially installed. Because of this , a lot of people experience difficulties with their various drainage systems ever so often.


However, our crew of Gas Safe registered plumbers are more than capable of taking on the hardest of plumbing jobs – even if that means that they’ve got some seriously blocked Victorian drainage pipes to deal with.


If you find yourselves back up, blocked up or you are ready for a brand new drainage system, contact Plumber E14 in order to talk about your particular requirements.